Making my dream living room furniture on a budget

I want to make over my living room, but I can’t afford designer furniture. So instead let’s DIY my dream furniture using second-hand products and IKEA furniture hacks! ✨🔨🎨 Tools, furniture & paint linked below! ✨ Tools DIY Tools, primer and topcoat: IKEA METOD cabinet: Green paint: Yellow paint: ✨ Cost breakdown IKEA method cabinet: £205 Dining table: £0 Paint & primer: £155 ( excluding my paint tin I had to buy twice) DIY Tools (my Leyland Haul): £56 Drill / Screwdriver: £40 ✨ Socials 📸 Instagram: 📱 Tiktok: 📌 Pinterest: 💻 My website: 📧 Sign up to my free weekly email newsletter – ✨ Who am I My name is Madeleine or Maddie for short, I’m a 22-year-old Norwegian in London. I make videos about interior design , lifestyle, and London life.

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18 thoughts on “Making my dream living room furniture on a budget”

  1. After 2 weeks of sanding, priming, painting, building and editing over 25 hours of footage – here is part 1 of my living room makeover! It’s been a long time since I spent this long on one youtube video, but I hope you guys enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it ❤ See you in the next one!

  2. Hey bestie! A potential tip to try: if you take small paint samplers from expensive paint companies//colour booklets to dulux, they can match the colour for you – money saving slay

    It’s been a while so not 100% sure if they still do it, but worth a try right? 🙂

  3. this looks so good!! i feel like the pest pasta print could either look great on the exterior wall under the light (to the right of where it was) for a still minimalist gallery wall look… or it could be really good in the kitchen!!! adding to the greens and blues and mediterranean feel.

  4. I love the colors you picked for the table and tv furniture. Very nice solution to decorate on a budget. I would’ve pick a more colorful art piece as the apartment is already very bright, more color on the wall will match perfectly with the beautiful colors of your furniture. I would also use the big wall with the light fixtures to build the tv set, the space looks a bit awkward this way, and I feel you can have more space to decorate if you use the bigger wall. The current set up is very limiting in mhy opinion. I will place the couch facing the wall with light fixtures, with is back to the door like that you also create a limit for the living room and dinning area. I’m a graphic designer and couldn’t help to give my comment on this 🙊

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