The person who entrusted us with the first production in 2016 asked us for furniture again when he moved his office. The design was designed to reflect his opinions as much as possible. He wanted a bridge shape with logs going through the top, but he couldn’t find good wood. That part is a little disappointing.

It was fun to make, but delivery was difficult, so I received help from a student. Please enjoy watching and have a happy weekend. thank you Name : Order made Walnut Desk Material : WALNUT Size : 2600*1100*750H / 55T Finish : AURO 126 + water-based varnish

28 thoughts on “SQUARERULE FURNITURE – Making a Walnut Desk”

    1. Due to the custom nature of the product, production progresses slowly.
      Not only do we make this furniture, but we also make other furniture and accessories.

      What is clear is that we are putting in more time and effort than we thought.

      I don’t know if my interpretation is correct, but are you in a slump right now?

      I have been making furniture for over 10 years. During that time, I had many worries, slumps, and failures.

      I think the important thing is an unwavering heart and passion.
      If you need help, ask anytime. Fighting!

      Have a nice day!

  1. Beautiful work as always! Where i live its sad and frustrating cause Most people dont realize or appreciate how much time,efforts,& energy goes into building a piece or a set of furniture and undervalue it because they saw it for “x” amount in a big retail store.

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